Moments Café now has AUTOMATIC DOORS!

Here at Moments Café, we are always overwhelmed by peoples generosity, and Martin and his team from Doorcare South West Ltd have definitely gone above and beyond to support the Café recently. As all of our customers know, we try to be as inclusive and accessible as we can. Our main aim is to reach out and support as many people as possible.

Since opening in March 2017, we have really struggled to create funding that will enable us to install doors that will allow people who may be wheelchair dependant or customers that have pushchairs, to be able to easily access the Café.

When Martin came to visit the Café a few months ago, he bumped into an old work colleague, who he did not realise now has dementia. Martin felt overwhelmed with the support that the Café provides to people in the local community who are living with dementia and he said that he wanted to help us out by installing automatic doors.

We cannot thank Martin and his team enough for their hard work and support. All of this was done for us out of the kindness of their hearts! These new doors will make an incredible difference to our customers’ experience and will make the Café EASILY accessible to ALL.